Welcome to the Billabong’s ‘Surf With A Pro’ Destination Surf Camp video page.  Monumental Films has been fortunate to produce videos for Billabong and all of the lucky campers.  The campers travels to epic surf spot’s and enjoy the comfort of being hosted by an experienced professional surfer.  This is not a boot camp.  Surfers of all ages and experience levels attend these camps which are set up as surf trips.  An added feature of these trips is the videography.  The videos are used for instructional purposes but mostly for enjoyment.  After the week is over  the videos are edited and sent home to the campers to enjoy forever.

Billabong ‘Surf With A Pro’ Camps Video Archive

Follow the links below to download the complete camp videos from Billabong’s ‘Surf With A Pro’:

November 2011 Nosara, Costa Rica w/ Donavon Frankenreiter & Friends

April 2011 Las Flores, El Salvador w/ Donavon Frankenreiter & Friends

March 2011 Las Flores, El Salvador w / Mike Parsons, Cody Thompson & Friends

May 2011 Chicama, Peru w Peter Mendia


More Camp videos coming soon.

Billabong Camps highlight videos