Monumental Films

‘Sounds Of Waves’ 2010

‘Eastside Theory’ 2005

Short Films and behind the scenes footage published on our channel:

Current Projects (August 2015):



Mayo Clinic Training

Las Flores Resort

Ongoing Projects:

Surface Management Corporation

Southeast US Boat Show

Completed Projects:

Billabong USA (2004-2011) – Creating promotional videos and commercials for the Billabong Surf Camps Program. The project also involved traveling to destinations in El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico to film week long surf trips and create full length feature documentaries.

Southeast US Boat Show (2008-2011) – Creating a :30 second Commercial with custom titles and music for broadcast television and the web.

Las Flores Surf Club (2005-2010) – Creating an informative commercial about El Salvador’s Premiere Surf Resort and Destination. The video is currently featured on their home page.

Surface Management Corporation (2010) – Creating informative videos and commercials for this Jacksonville, FL road construction/ milling company.

St. Joseph’s College Brooklyn, NY (2002-2008) – We produced full length recruitment videos showing everything from the facilities, academic programs, activities, student life, graduation and events. These videos were a big factor in the increase in enrollment over the time period they were implemented.

In Motion Video Productions (Jacksonville, FL)

Procalibre Associates

Kioto Jiu-Jitsu


Liquid Tamborine Records

Feature Films:

‘Sounds Of Waves’ (2009) – Our 3 year in the making surf and music documentary was released on blu-ray with a full dolby 5.1 surround sound mix. The film won the award for ‘Best Music’ at the California Surf Film Festival.

‘The Possibility’ (2005) – This disability awareness documentary follows Larry Quarltere who loss the use of his leg in a diving accident at the age of 22. Now 45 Larry has documented many of his struggles and wishes to give back via his strong inspirational message as well as by making the world more accessible to the millions like himself.

‘Eastside Theory’ (2005) – This feature surf film took 3 years to film and produce. The film follows a surfer living on the East Coast of America to the world’s surf Meccas in Hawaii and Australia.

Work Experience

Sound Editing:

‘Cradle Will Rock’ (2000) – Producer/ Director – Tim Robbins

‘Down To You’ (2001) – Miramax Films