“Three years in the making, Luke Thorpe (filmmaker and director) captured the lives and the moves of some of the greatest surfers of today. This epic journey is hosted by Ryan Egan starting on New York’s frozen beaches. Traveling on to Hawaii and Australia, you will see greats like Jason Shibata, Damien Wills, Kaupena Miranda, and many more (see below for a full line-up). As you move through the film you will see him develop the skills to battle any beach and become great in his own right.
Join Ryan and the rest of this all star cast of surfers through this wild ride of monumental design as he progresses over the course of this film the way all New York surfers must – against all odds no matter the weather, the cost,” -Online Review

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Eastside Theory is now available for download.  The cost of the film download is 2.99.  Once you complete your paypal transfer you will be immediately directed to your download link. (the link has been tested and is 100% guaranteed to work )

The original version of the film ‘Eastside Theory’ recently ran out of stock on dvd. Without a high volume of sales we thought it would be better for our small company and for the environment to release the film as a digital download.. hence the Green Edition.  When digging up the old files Luke Thorpe (film-maker) noticed a new version of the film he started to edit in 2009.  This new version is a trimmed down version of ‘Eastside Theory’ that adheres much better to the original story.  So after another week or so grooming out the 2009 cut.. here is Eastside Theory Green for 2012.  Enjoy

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Surfer in New York? Well, Eastside Theory exposes you to the trials and triumphs of these cold water warriors. From the freezing waters and blizzards of winter to the large breaks of a hurricane season to long distance travel in search of bigger and more challenging waves, Eastside Theory will take you down the path of the New York surfer in search of a perfect set.


‘Eastside Theory’ Surfers & Musicians:







Damien Wills – (Australia)

Ryan Egan – (New York)

Jason Shibata – (Hawaii)

Kaupena Miranda

Mike Dodd

Josh Goetz

Chris Tomlin

Scott Jankow

Chip Jankow

Adrian Buchan

Fred Patacchia

Andrew Mooney

Tyson Pfaffe

Mike Saganic


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-Transworld Surf

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Eastside Theory Green Edition was filmed in New York Hawaii and Australia from 2003-2005. Link to all the bands and surfers on the Film Page


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