Perfect Peru


Chicama, Peru May 21- June 1

On our first film trip to Peru we scored!  After a week of head high waves for the Billabong ‘Surf With A Pro’ Surf Camp with Peter Mendia we noticed a nice swell on the forcast.  Luckily Pete and the crew of campers were able to extend their trip for a few days to experience the worlds longest left in all its glory.  The wave peeled for over 500 yards with every type of section imaginable.  Open face sections for carves, steep sections and even long tube sections.  Thank you to Miguel, Carlos, Christian and the whole crew at the Chicama Surf Resort for forcing us to live like kings at Peru’s premiere surf club.  You can now watch the full edit of the surf trip!



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  1. Peru is well reknown for its surfing conditions. I often see alot of foreigners surfing at the south beaches and mingling with the locals.

    I wasn’t aware they had a surf club which they promote for that reason though, I’ll have to look into that. Sounds like you guys got lucky with the weather conditions.

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